Led by Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design Department Chair Harsha Gangadharbatla, 2015 Pathways students sought to create an advertising campaign that focused on improving the environment as a means toward social justice. The students worked in teams of three and four to produce the following. Click on each image to read more about the campaigns.

Team 1: #LightsOutCU (Anna Blanco, Kalley Velarde, Danny Anderson and Gabe Rodriguez)

These minimal but bold advertisements encourage students to spend an hour of Earth Day with the lights off. With a campus of 30,000+ students, even this small amount of time can make a huge difference in energy efficiency. Additionally, it could encourage students to spend time outside and away from technology. The use of an edgy hashtag is perfect for grabbing the audience of this campaign: college students.

AD  Campaign Poster 1

AD Campaign Poster 2

AD Campaign Poster 3

Team 2: Recycling Concert Series (Haasini Ravisankar, Ashley Roo, Trinity Clark and Karen Uviña)

Not only does recycling better the environment, but it can also better the student community with this free concert series. The more CU students recycle, the more performers they can see at this on campus festival. These two posters help bring awareness to the recycling aspect of this festival with an intriguing vagueness and a stylish minimalism.



Team 3: Community Garden CU (Rebekah Hernandez, Sydney Schrank and Cassi Guerra)

This infographic explains one of the many benefits of a community garden. A bold statistic catches the viewers’ attention and informs about this campaign’s goal to bring tasty, fresh, and healthy fruits and vegetables to the CU community. Additionally, a clever hashtag helps to further create a sense of community by connecting the garden to social media.

CMCI Poster

Team 4: Shorten Your Shower CU (Kayla Williams, Darrion Pyos and Leslie Fajardo)

The play on words in this advertisement creates a call to action encouraging students to take shorter showers. This campaign aims to reduce water usage with a large dial that would be displayed on campus showing how many gallons of water are used throughout the year. At the end of the year, the total number will be displayed and compared to the previous year, ideally displaying a smaller number.


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