This year, the CMCI Pathways to Excellence Summer Intensive students were assigned a topical and challenging advertising project on the subject of gun control. This is an often-debated topic with a lot of strong opinions either for or against it.

The students were put into groups of two: an art director and a copywriter, the classic advertising duo. Each group had to flip a coin to decide if they would be for or against gun control, creating an interesting scenario of students having to advertise for a cause they may or may not believe in or support.

This exercise was meant to challenge, engage and inspire students while giving them a taste of the competitiveness the world of advertising has to offer.

Here’s what they created.

Rachel Boyce and Anna Ritz:

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.51.58 PMThis duo illustrated a harsh truth using persuasive statistics and imagery. Few gun crimes have been stopped by a hero with a gun, and Rachel and Anna found a way to make that known in their pro-gun-control ad.

Nathaniel Nash and Aabriti Shrestha:

AdNashAabritiTaking a crack at an anti-gun-control advertisement, Nash and Aabriti put their minds together to come up with this flow chart, predicting the future of gun ownership if stricter gun laws were to be put in place along with a catchy and persuasive headline.

Kristin Oh and Alina Lopez:

AdKristinAlinaOwning more than a couple dogs can seem excessive to some. But owning an assault rifle and being able to openly carry it is even more excessive, according to this pro-gun control group. Alina and Kristin used cute illustrations to make this point of going too far when it comes to civilian gun ownership.

Marissa Kelley and Jackie Lee:

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.55.01 PMFinally, the second anti-gun control advertisers Marissa and Jackie cleverly compared strict gun control to the prohibition of alcohol in America’s 1920’s. Through this comparison, they attempt to persuade viewers while additionally showing off their design eye.

Katie Pickrell and Emily Zinanti:

AdKatieEmilyTo a school shooter, students are soft targets. So Katie and Emily took this idea to the next level, illustrating how students might appear to school shooters. This creative, yet poignant ad shows the viewer the dark reality of a campus without stricter gun laws.


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