This year, the CMCI Pathways to Excellence Summer Intensive students were asked to create an advertisement for a local company, Back to Basics Kitchen.

The students broke into their project groups to work, with each group creating two advertisements and choosing the best to present to the class.

This exercise was meant to challenge and engage students to create a campaign for an assigned company while giving them a taste of the competitiveness the world of advertising has to offer.

This is what each team created.

Stephen Callcott, Conner Davis, Rohan Ramnani, Adler Shannon, Cheyenne Smith and Bre Taylor:

“Our ad focuses on the fact that Back to Basics sources their food from nearby farms so customers know they’re always getting fresh foods.” – Conner Davis

Annie Bair, Shey Barooah, Josh Bustillos-Perez, Hanna Byrne and Liam Comaskey:

“Utilizing their signature look of the Mason Jar, our ad highlights Back to Basics Kitchen as a quick, healthy and delicious alternative to fast food.” – Hannah Byrne

Austin Mann, Olivia Miller, Andrew Patra, Nina Ryan and Alberto Varela:

“The ‘back to’ campaign is a play on the ‘back to basics’ title of the company. It focuses on the locality of the business, the health aspect of the food and the community that is involved.” – Olivia Miller

Sydney Engel, Olivia Leddy, Ian Lee, Maya Porterfield and Christina Robben:

“We focused on Back to Basic’s commitment to locally-sourced food and the frequently sought after fresh and organic food products that Boulderites love. Our tagline says it all.” – Ian Lee

Ali Maglia, Dani Martinez-Carpizo, Katie Heisman, Lauren Smith and Tayler Shaw:

“We emulated Back to Basic’s commitment to keeping things simple in our ad by keeping it clean. With the health conscious consumer in mind, we focused on an aesthetic that would portray the simplicity aspect of Back to Basic’s Kitchen.” – Katie Heisman